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Inspiration behind the festival

Updated: Dec 17, 2018

influenced by Hoot Trail, inspired by potential new trails, restoration of established trails and a local bike park.

Nevada City Fat Tire Festival

"I want to give back to the trail builders, volunteers, organizations and bike shops that make this area so rad...”

September 2018, to those shredders peddlers rippers grinders and all who schralp.

The local mountain biking community!

Mountain biking to Nevada City and surrounding areas is the same as great waves to surfing. The mountain biking community is huge and full of every type of rider. To find a way to bring all types of mountain biking enthusiasts together, celebrate and promote trail building / restoration was the challenge. A race? We have a handful of local and near by races. A concert? Nope. A festival where you can see current gadgets, bikes, gear and enjoy local beer, watch mountain related films, imbibe local food and enjoy Nevada City, perfect. Now what!?!

Bikes, Beers, Bars and Movies.

“screen mountain bike videos, donate a dollar a beer and have a good time would you be interested in being a part of a Fat Tire Festival?”

As I described the event and motivation behind the event to local business, I was reminded what an rad town we live in. Each business was 100% on board and asking how they may help. Business owners, managers, employees had great ideas and have greatly helped in the planning of the festival. I spoke with over 40 local shops, bars and restaurants, whether involved in the festival or not, all giving great feed back and / or interested in the event.

Getting stoked

With so much positive input from the city itself, the idea formed to the event. We're going to have to shut the streets down and fill downtown Nevada City with mountain bike awesomeness... and that's what we're going to do! Come kick back, have fun and be ready to immerse yourself, family and friends in a good time. Let's celebrate mountain biking and all who build, maintain, plan and organize local trail building and restoration.

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